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Meet The Founder

Braelinn Frank aka Rave Nailz is an Austin-based nail artist who got started in 2012 while living in LA. She gained notoriety for her nails always being on point for whichever rave she was attending that night (hence the name, Rave Nailz). Since she was of course posting these all up on the 'gram, people began to ask how they could get her designs on their nails. SO she decided to start painting press on nails and selling them on Etsy. 

She's stayed creating new nail-masterpieces, and now you can buy the top designs here. These nails are not for the faint of heart- they range from long and witchy to checkered with things hanging off. Literally, you can have your nails chained together if you so choose.

Oh and if you want to see her latest nail art: