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Butterfly Nailz
girl in clouds with butterfly on her face and wearing long stiletto fake nails with butterflies
hands in the clouds wearing butterfly press on nails that are long and clear
box of long stiletto press on nails with butterflies floating in the clouds with butterflies in the background
box of long stiletto clear press on nails with butterflies and a hand wearing the fake nails
girl wearing holographic shiny sequin dress and wearing long clear butterfly press on nails
projector photography using butterflies with clouds and two hands wearing long stiletto press on nails

Perfect for gifts. special events, and everyday wear...

Butterfly Nailz

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The Butterfly Nailz are long, stiletto, clear nails with butterflies. Each of the 24 press on nails has a unique design. A high gloss finish and our thick, durable material make these the ultimate salon replacement.

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  • 24 nails - a full range of sizes
  • Nail glue and a nail file


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One size fits almost everyone! Our nailz are desiged for adults, and come in a range of 12 sizes. There are 24 nails in the box. You'll choose your perfect matches, and then file the edges to get that perfect custom match. No one will even know they're press ons ;)

easy to apply

1. Remove polish & wash hands

2. File edges for a custom fit

3. Buff your natural nail

4. Press and hold for 20 seconds

*note: we recommend detailed instructions included in box

upgrade your press ons

Different art on each nail

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Made to Last

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10 Minute Application

Skip the Salon

frequently asked questions

2-5 business days within the US! Express and overnight shipping are also available.

Yas! We ship worldwide.

We recommend about two weeks total wear. You can wear them for two weeks straight, or pop them off after a weekend, and wear them again next weekend! Just use less glue if you plan on only wearing them for a couple of days. (That's included in the in dash box instructions as a reminder!)

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YAS! Our goals very from time to time? But you can always email us if you'd like to help spread the word about Rave Nailz.

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These are so pretty and durable, they look amazing, they’re bright and a eye catcher 😌💗

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