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Rave Babez: Week of Feb 7th

There's nothing we love more than to celebrate and highlight our FABULOUS Rave Babez. These Kings & Queens know how to dress up or dress down all of our styles and they are our constant inspiration. They rock the HECK out of some press on nails and boy do we love them for it!!

Without further ado, here's the week of February 7th, 2022 Rave Babez! 

@Dani_Thorne being cute AF in our stiletto Speedway Nailz. Who says long nails impede you from doing anything?? We love our Kings & Queens who wear them claws long!! 

Next, we can't get enough of @Ghoulykin in our brand new Potion Nailz set. Especially in her makeup look inspired them! We LOVE seeing ya'lls ~leeewks~ especially when they're Rave Nailz inspired!

First time Rave Nailz wearer @Ginnyweasleys looks perfectly put together in her QT pink fit paired with our moody Ouija Nailz. Who says you can't be edgy and cute at the same time ??

Lastly, @l0rd_haley giving us wid vibes rocking our Crystal Flame Nailz! Like are you kidding! The complimenting makeup and sparkles with her gorgeous hair ugh we love it Haley!!

That's it for our Rave Babez of the week! 

Want to be featured in our newsletter and Instagram? Show us you rocking our qt Rave Nailz press-ons by tagging us on Instagram at @Rave_Nailz and use #RAVEBABEZ!

See you soon *heart eyes*


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